(PixelRNN & PixelCNN)Pixel Recurrent Neural Networks - van den Oord - ICML 2016



  • Title: Pixel Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Task: Image Generation
  • Author: A. van den Oord, N. Kalchbrenner, and K. Kavukcuoglu
  • Date: Jan 2016
  • Arxiv: 1601.06759
  • Published: ICML 2016(Best Paper Award)
  • Affiliation: Google DeepMind

Highlights & Drawbacks

  • Fully tractable modeling of image distribution
  • PixelRNN & PixelCNN

Motivation & Design

To estimate the joint distribution $p(x)$ we write it as the product of the conditional distributions over the pixels:

Generating pixel-by-pixel with CNN, LSTM: Pixel Recurrent Neural Networks

Performance & Ablation Study

Samples from ImageNet Pixel Recurrent Neural Networks