PyTorch Code for SPADE

Project page Paper GTC 2019 demo Youtube Demo of GauGAN Installation Clone this repo. git clone https://github.com/NVlabs/SPADE.git cd SPADE/ This code requires PyTorch 1.0 and python 3+. Please install dependencies by pip install -r requirements.txt This code also requires the Synchronized-BatchNorm-PyTorch rep....

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Point-to-Point Video Generation - Tsun-Hsuan Wang - ICCV 2019

Info Title: Point-to-Point Video Generation Task: Video Generation Author: Tsun-Hsuan Wang, Yen-Chi Cheng, Chieh Hubert Lin, Hwann-Tzong Chen, Min Sun Date: Apr. 2019 Arxiv: 1904.02912 Published: ICCV 2019 Abstract While image manipulation achieves tremendous breakthroughs (e.g., generating realistic faces) in recent years, video...

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